California Veterinary Emergency Team


UC Davis provides veterinary disaster preparedness, response and care directly through the following programs:

California Veterinary Emergency Team (CVET) - A statewide training and response program sponsored by the State of California.

International Animal Welfare Training Initiative (IAWTI) - A UC Davis-based training program.

Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT) - A UC Davis-based, philanthropically funded response program. In disasters, VERT provides veterinary care at emergency animal shelters (at shelter facilities or shelter-in-place), as well as assist animal search and rescue teams.

Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) - A statewide training and oil spill response program sponsored by the State of California.

Wildlife Disaster Network (WDN) A partnership between UC Davis Veterinary Medicine and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to assist wildlife wounded in disasters. UC Davis activities are philanthropically funded.

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital - UC Davis provides care to animals severely injured in natural disasters through its hospital. Treatments are philanthropically funded.